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[Pinned] THE BIG MoP Thread

Tell us in this thread:Once Mists of Pandaria is out, are you thinking of switching to another class to make your main? make sure u write in your post what character ure playing now, which class u think ud like to be ur main in MoP and what role u...
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[Pinned] INFO About MOP you should know..!

Hello, i just stepped by to hang over some tips and shiz for incomming expansion in nearly 2 weeks, So here it GOES...!Lvling (From PTR Testing, My POV)85-86 - Questing 3 hours max without rested, could maybe push it close to 2,5 hours (instance f...
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Nieuwe applicaties

[Pinned] [BELANGRIJK! BEGIN HIER!] Applicatie formulier

Gebruik deze standaard voor je applicatie:
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LoL awesome game
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Everyone watch, this is how to progress in raids! By Method!!!
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Mist of Pandaria Launch

Okay guys here are some tips on how to get going for the levelling expierence in mist of pandaria:Logging inThere’s a big chance that there are que’s on Twisting Nether, so make sure ur logged in before 12:00 on Monday night. And make sure u’ve go...
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Wie wil mij sponsoren? Alleen mogelijk voor mensen uit NL.

Lieve guildies,Tijdens 3FM Serious Request (19-24 december) kom ik samen met mijn vrouw (letterlijk) in beweging. We gaan meters maken voor het Rode Kruis, oftewel wandelen om geld in te zamelen voor moeders die getroffen zijn door oorlog.Zelf ben...
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