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#6705191 Sep 12, 2012 at 06:55 PM
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Hello, i just stepped by to hang over some tips and shiz for incomming expansion in nearly 2 weeks, So here it GOES...!

Lvling (From PTR Testing, My POV)

85-86 - Questing 3 hours max without rested, could maybe push it close to 2,5 hours (instance farming will be getting close to 3 hours)

86-87 - Questing in the valley of 4 winds - 2,5 - 3 hours without rested
87-88 - Questing in valley and krasak wilds and a bit of kunlai - 3 - 3,5 hours + travel time

88-89 - Rest of kunlai summit, Shouldnt take more than 4 hours.
89-90 - Last two zones - About 5 hours

Between 18-20 Hrs of constant lvling, i suggest for those who wanna go hardcore and push it, fill up the Questlog with dailys from Hyjal And Tolbarad, or whatever u feel is better for u..

PS: Also another tip what u could do if to gather some 5 man groups or atleast 1 whoever wants to and lvling through the dungeons between 85-86.5 To minimize the struggling with questing as soon the expansion hits, AKA: Overcrowed like hell, some ppl preffer slow lvling and some ppl might wanna push it abit like i mentioned before, so heres some of my suggestion and tips from me to YOU!

Quick Info about proffesions.. (Only for the healers)

My best suggestion for this would be to go for Blacksmithing as there will be new 340 spirit gems wich u might wanna add into your gear cause of the 2 extra sockets that u will earn, Its no need.. But i spent allot of time exploring this and i think this is the way to go if you think that u will have some mana issues wich i think most of the people will (Atleast for me as a holypaladin) BUT it might change, so i cant be 100 % sure of this proffesion swap either, its a nice BONUS but its up to every other person to decide it, im just giving some info about this current changes that might be needed..!


U can get about 3.5 bars if u deliver a few dailys (Probbly full logg) On the launch..

So for those who are intressted of this ive gotten a route for it..

Molten front: 9 Quests = 624.600 XP

Tol Barad: 7 Quest = 485.800 XP (Just TP there with the teleport thingy, cant remember the name (From molten front btw..)

Twilight Highlands: Dragonmaw daily quest in Twilight Highlands, 5 quests = 289.800 XP (Make your HS there..)

Deepholme (4 - 5 Quest = 186.600 XP (Use your Potion to teleport there from TW)

Use your Cloak and HS back to ORG and go for MOP Questing/Dungeons!!

TOTAL XP = 1.586.800 XP

GL AND HF GUYS..! Cya at lvl 90 :)!! // Regards Scuttle

PS: If any other questions, poke a message in here or whisper me ingame <3
#6705258 Sep 12, 2012 at 07:08 PM
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Thank you for the information Scuttle :). Hope that everyone can make use of it.
#6705447 Sep 12, 2012 at 08:00 PM
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u can reach about 22 quests only from tol barad should skip u some time on travelling to the other quests hubs
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